Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Please send your membership application and check
made payable to CRW/NA to Pat Nichols (Treasurer).
Mail to: 1844 Noblin Woods Trail, Duluth, GA 30097


Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy New Year - 2016 (January Meeting & Upcoming Events)

Start the New Year out right!
Countdown to the GEORGIA PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY has begun!
Be informed!
Get involved!
Join us at the

January 2016 CRW/NA Meeting

Monday, January 18th

Magnolia Café
5175 South Old Peachtree Road, Norcross
7:00 pm refreshments; 7:30 pm meeting

Special Guest Speaker:
Senator Josh McKoon
giving us an overview of the
upcoming legislative session in Georgia

...with a follow-up from our own
Tanya Ditty

State Director of Concerned Women for America

and CRW/NA Board Member

  • Deadline to register to vote in the primary is February 1st
  • Advanced Voting Begins in Georgia on February 8th
  • Republican GA Presidential Preference Primary is March 1st


Did you know about MVP?
MVP (My Voter Page) is an invaluable resource for YOU!
Go HERE and find out your own registration status, polling place, etc.
AND print out a sample ballot so you can know exactly
what your ballot will look like on election day!

You can now register to vote (or help others to)

GA Votes  
The official voter registration app brought to you by the Georgia Office of the Secretary of State.  GA Votes allows Georgia citizens to register to vote online (OLVR ) and access their voter information through a mobile friendly version of the classic My Voter Page (MVP).


And don't forget these

Georgia March for Life 2016
This is an event that our club should show up at in force!
A solemn & meaningful investment of your time.

The GOP Convention Process
with Mass Precinct Meetings on February 20th!
Make Plans to BE THERE!

(Register/Buy tickets for events individually,
or buy combined tickets for both events below.)

Georgia Religious Freedom Day
February 10th, 2016

Please join Faith & Freedom Coalition and other faith organizations
on Wednesday, February 10, 2016, for Georgia Religious Freedom Day at the State Capitol.

Our day will start at the Georgia Freight Depot at 7:30 a.m. with Biscuits with the Benham Brothers.  Join us for food, fellowship and faith, as we hear inspirational testimony from Christian entrepreneurs David and Jason Benham about the price they paid for standing up for their faith.

After our breakfast and briefing, we’ll go across the street to the Capitol to speak with our State House and Senate members.  After that, we'll join a separate event, the Decision America Tour with Franklin Graham, at Liberty Plaza adjoining the Capitol, from 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.

Tickets are $12 ($10 with discount code FFC).
Sponsorships are $25.

HERE and receive discounted admission.

Faith & Freedom Coalition
Annual Legislative Luncheon

February 25th, 2016

Please join us on Thursday, February 25 at 12:00 noon for our annual Legislative Luncheon.  Invited guests include the Governor, Lt. Governor, other statewide elected officials, House and Senate leadership, and members of the General Assembly.  As an added bonus, this year’s event will be less than a week before Georgia’s March 1 SEC Primary, so presidential candidates may be there as well.

Tickets are $35 individual.  Sponsorships are $295 - includes 8 luncheon tickets, a reserved table, and sponsorship listing. Silver ($500) and Gold ($750) level Sponsorships are also available.

Register HERE 
NOTE:  Combined tickets for the February 10th Georgia Religious Freedom Day and the February 25th Legislative Luncheon are also available for $40 individual, $295 Sponsorship.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What a great event we had Monday night! 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to make it so special. Thanks to our amazing officers and members! Thanks to the CRW of Northeast Georgia for all they did as well! 

Thanks to the Gwinnett GOP, the sponsors who helped underwrite the event (Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens, Mr. Isa Guven, Senator Josh McKoon, Senator David Shafer, and Rep. David Clark) and everyone else who attended! 

If you couldn't be there, here is Heidi's address to our club:


Monday, October 19, 2015

Senate vote scheduled for tomorrow on S.2146 that would END SANCTUARY JURISDICTIONS:

Tell your Senators to vote YES
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has scheduled a procedural vote for tomorrow (10/20) at 2:15 p.m. on Sen. David Vitter's S.2146 that would help end sanctuary policies! Sixty votes are needed to bring the bill to the Senate floor for debate.
Since the tragic death of Kate Steinle in July made national headlines, the Senate has yet to take action against the 340 jurisdictions that ignore requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to hold or notify the release of criminal aliens. Sen. Vitter's bill would block certain federal law enforcement grants if these jurisdictions continue to ignore ICE.
S.2146 would:
•Block certain federal grants to sanctuary jurisdictions and reallocate those funds to jurisdictions that cooperate with ICE
•Require the Department of Homeland Security to compile and make public a list of sanctuary jurisdictions
•Protect local police from lawsuits while they carry out ICE detainer requests
•Increase penalties for illegal re-entry, including mandatory 5-year sentencing for certain serious and repeat offenders
Please call the toll-free number we've provided above that will connect you with the Capitol Switchboard. When the operator answers, you can ask for your Senator's office.
Once connected with your Senator's office, please tell the staffer that you want the Senator to end Sanctuary Jurisdictions by voting YES on S.2146. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Second Amendment Celebration

October 24th event at Wild Bills


Fellow Republicans,

Due to extenuating circumstances, the Georgia Republican Party is canceling the 2nd Amendment Celebration scheduled for later this month.
We appreciate the widespread support for this event and for the Party's efforts to protect our Constitutional Rights. We hope everyone will continue to support the GAGOP by participating in the Great American Gun Raffle, which ends on October 24. Click HERE to purchase your raffle ticket.
With your help, we can push back against President Obama's gun control agenda and preserve our 2nd Amendment Rights for generations to come.
Thanks again for your strong support. We look forward to seeing you soon!
John Padgett
Georgia Republican Party
Following is our Open Letter to Senator Johnny Isakson (also sent to Senator David Perdue) from CRW/NA regarding the pending Obama lifetime appointment of Dax Lopez as federal judge here in Georgia.
As you may know, Dax Lopez was a long-time board member of GALEO, an organization whose mission it is to subvert our immigration law, lobbying for non-compliance and non-enforcement. How can we possibly sit by and appoint someone for life to INTERPRET the law, when he has already revealed his desire to subvert it? We believe our two Georgia U.S. Senators have it within their power to stop this if they want to. We (ALL of us) need to write letters to them to urge them to do so. Please join our club in adding your voice to this critical common sense, rule-of-law issue.

Dear Senator Isakson,                                                            Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Re: President Obama’s nomination for federal judge, Dax Lopez

As dedicated conservatives and active Republicans, we write to express our fervent and well-informed objection to further consideration of President Obama’s nomination for federal judge in the Northern District of Georgia.
We hope and trust that you will agree with our executive board that, because of his long-time support and service to the anti-enforcement, activist immigration corporation, GALEO, Dax Lopez has disqualified himself for becoming a federal judge.
As we trust you are aware, GALEO has a long and easily documented history of actively lobbying against enforcement of our battered immigration laws, against common sense voter ID laws, against local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration authorities and for instate tuition for illegal aliens. GALEO also serves as a well-funded community organizer/lobbyist for a repeat of the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens. These are only a few of the decidedly leftist causes this organization has pursued.
While unabashedly vocalizing his “support for their mission,” nominee Dax Lopez served on the GALEO board of directors for eleven years, as treasurer and as keynote speaker at GALEO fundraisers while lending his name and prestige as a state court current judge to the GALEO mission and agenda. This includes GALEO joining with the ACLU to sue in federal court to overturn state statutes aimed at protecting Georgians from the ravages of the crimes of illegal employment and illegal immigration.
The role of the judiciary is to interpret the law; yet, by word and deed, Dax Lopez has presented every indication that he is willing to assist in subverting and overturning laws with which he apparently does not agree. We also note that Lopez resigned from his position with GALEO only after his his nomination to the federal bench.
This history should disqualify his nomination from advancing to consideration by the Senate Judiciary Committee.
We respectfully ask that you use your authority to terminate consideration of Dax Lopez for the federal bench.

By a unanimous vote,
The Executive Board of Conservative Republican Women of North Atlanta
President: Kathy Stahlman Hildebrand
Past President: Kathy Statham
Dir of Programs: Judy Craft
Recording Sec: Sara Salsbury
Corresponding Sec: Tanya Ditty
Treasurer: Vanessa Green

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Please see the letter below.  

We, the Executive Board of Conservative Republican Women of North Atlanta, wanting to show our support and appreciation for Sheriff Butch Conway and the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department, wrote the following letter in order to balance and counter the recent unfounded attacks against him.  We tried to do so in a way that did not escalate the rhetoric, but simply demonstrated our gratitude for the conduct and service of our law enforcement here in Gwinnett and across the nation.

Sheriff Butch Conway                                                                                    October 13, 2015
Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department
2900 University Parkway NE
Lawrenceville Ga. 30043

Dear Sheriff Conway,

We, the executive board of Conservative Republican Women of North Atlanta, are writing to affirm our support for you and for the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department.  You, your deputies, and your staff have the support and confidence of our membership and our families in the wonderful job you do to keep us safe in Gwinnett County.  Without your commitment to duty, courage and leadership, life in our community would be much less secure.

As you know, we actively supported your wise move in 2007 to begin use of the federal 287 (g) program that has allowed you to expand your authority to identify criminal illegal immigrants (who have been charged with murder, kidnapping, rape, child molestation, drug dealing and a wide assortment of other crimes) in our county jail and report them to federal authorities. As a result, the general population of the Gwinnett jail has been reduced overall with a corresponding savings to the taxpaying people of Gwinnett, and our community is a safer place to live and raise our families.

We offer our formal “thank you” for your dedication to ALL Gwinnett citizens, and to make it clear that we affirm your recent public official reminder that “All Lives Matter.”  Our club’s mission statement affirms our belief in this sacred value of all human life, created by God in His image.  All lives, regardless of color or status -- police lives, protestor lives, unborn lives -- yes, ALL lives do indeed matter.  We need to protect and defend all life, and we thank those of you in Gwinnett County and across our nation who take up this mantle of protecting life every day, even as you often risk your own lives to do so.

We are not dismissing that there have no doubt been instances of real abuse of power in every walk of life, including law enforcement, where an individual officer has stepped over the line and caused harm to innocent life.  We deplore any such abuse, and when it happens, we support vigorous, rigorous investigation and prosecution for the guilty.  Criminal activity should be punished wherever it exists, and we believe that you, Sheriff Conway, have conducted a sheriff’s department that confirms this objective. 

We also deplore the looting, burning, violence and destruction that we’ve seen happening in our great cities across the nation.  This also is an abuse of power; indeed, many who protest peacefully, using their treasured American freedoms to do so, certainly do not want or deserve to share the guilt of those who commit these crimes.  We also deplore the abuse of power that the media exert if/when they perpetrate lies regarding the facts and details of an incident, or when they jump to conclusions before an investigation even takes place regarding these facts.

We value the truth, and applaud rigorous investigation to uncover the truth regarding each and every incident.  When that truth is discovered, we support prosecution of criminal activity, no matter who perpetrates it. This is how a nation that is governed by the rule of law behaves.  It is right and just.  And this is why we believe it is important to affirm and support our law-enforcement institutions  here in Gwinnett and across the nation.

Movements that are attacking our law enforcement with sweeping generalizations and promoting violence against them are both disheartening and destructive to our nation and to our own community. Some attempt to build distrust in those of you who serve and protect us, to marginalize you and your service to our communities, and to dismiss the danger you face every day to safeguard us. They are not about the serious task of unifying us, but rather about controversy and division.  Often fueled by emotion with a disregard of the facts, and funded by those who would profit from the resulting chaos, these movements are certainly no way to go about producing unity. 

We believe it’s time to get back to working together to keep Gwinnett safe and strong, alongside our public servants who have committed their lives to this very task.


With great appreciation and gratitude,
By a unanimous vote,

The Executive Board of Conservative Republican Women of North Atlanta

President:  Kathy Stahlman Hildebrand

Past President:  Kathy Statham
Dir of Programs:  Judy Craft
Recording Sec:  Sara Salsbury
Corresponding Sec:  Tanya Ditty
Treasurer:  Vanessa Green